Our Employment Team consists of Laura and Holly, who work together to help employee and employer clients with:

  • Dismissals and agreed exits
  • Discrimination and whistleblowing
  • Redundancy
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Transfer of undertakings (“TUPE”)
  • Providing new contracts, handbooks and policies or changing existing ones
  • ET claims and representation at the Employment Tribunal

Laura has a wealth of experience in employment law and resolving disputes.  As well as representing clients in cases at the Employment Tribunal, Laura is trained as a mediator and is well versed in finding the most appropriate way of getting contentious and sensitive matters sorted out.  She makes it a priority to get to know clients and their specific objectives in order to offer tailored advice to help them achieve those as efficiently as possible.

Away from work, Laura is a mum to two kids and a boisterous puppy.  She is super organised and has a spreadsheet for everything.  Laura loves yoga and anything food-related (not at the same time).  Whilst it is very hard to pick just one, her favourite food is Japanese.  Her idea of a great day would be exploring a new place with plenty of walking and sunshine, followed by lounging in a spa then a gourmet taster menu with a lovely bottle of wine.

Holly has experience in advising clients on HR and employment queries and reviewing / drafting employment contracts and policies to ensure that they are legally sound and bear scrutiny when disputes arise.

In her spare time, Holly loves to play with and cuddle her cat Birdie, whom she adopted from Cats Protection a few months ago. Holly loves to weight train at the gym and does so a few times a week. She is also trying to run more but certainly prefers to spend her time out in nature on a gentle saunter with a coffee in hand. Her ideal day would be spending time with her loved ones chilling out and watching a good movie or TV series with her favourite takeaway (which would probably be an Italian).

For more information, or to discuss how we can help you, please email our team at employment@mcmsolicitors.co.uk